VIP Rafting or Kayaking Trip – $250 Per Person From 2 People

White Nile Rafting brings you a VIP Rafting or Kayaking trip that a group, couple or individual can enjoy privately. This is an exclusive rafting trip organized to offer a level of personal service and distinction that only comes from a well-managed and operated business like ours.

This trip is a combination of Rafting, River-boarding, and Tubing through 8 big rapids for a full-day grade 5 adventure, 4 big rapids for half-day grade 5 and a boat cruise at the source of the Nile after. However, the client is free to choose a trip of their choice from any of our Rafting and Kayaking Trips: Normal Rafting, Extreme Rafting, Tandem kayaking, Advanced Kayaking and Kayak School. The combination of our white-water experience that sinks you into the rhythm and joy of life on the river and the source of the Nile boat cruise is the best way to experience the epic nature this country has to offer.

We are proud to have very special guides and safety-focused crew on the river that seamlessly blends enthusiasm with expertise as they share their knowledge and love for the river on your VIP Rafting trip. Whether you are a returning guest or planning to visit for the first time, our VIP trip will give you a lifetime experience of River Nile.

Our VIP Rafting trip holds great value for your money in offering a return transport between Entebbe, Kampala and Jinja. The source of the Nile boat cruise is optional and shall not be subject to refund if a client is not interested in taking it.

Experience the Nile on a VIP Rafting Trip

The Trip Includes:

  • Pick Up and Drop Off Entebbe, Kampala and Jinja.
  • Delicious big breakfast (buffet)
  • Fresh pineapple and Biscuits on the river.
  • Drinking water on the river
  • Rafting experience over 8 major rapids full day & Half Day 4 rapids.
  • The most experienced and friendly river crew
  • All the best and latest equipment.
  • River boarding, Tubing while rafting
  • Extensive safety briefing and practice drills.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Safety boat and safety kayakers with every trip.
  • Professional photographer
  • Professional videographer (over 100 pictures).
  • Delicious BBQ + a meal (buffet) with plenty of cold beers, sodas, and water at the end of the day.
  • One night of free camping accommodation plus bedding (before or after rafting).
  • Campfire
  • Tea and coffee in the evening
  • Village nature walk after the river experience.
  • Source Of the Nile Sunset Boat Cruise

Note: VIP Rafting/Kayaking price remains the same whether additional items (listed above) are needed or not.