Grade 5 White Water Body Boarding – $140 Per Person. Half Day $120 Per Person

Are you seeking a thrilling experience? Then this trip is for you. With Grade 5 River body boarding, you have the space to be aggressively adventurous as you challenge the big rapids face-on. Looking for thrilling excitement? This trip is a combination of rafting and river boarding, to give you resting time and safely manoeuvre the few rapids that are considered unsafe for river boarding. Try your hand at river surfing on a standing wave.
River body boarding is a great way to experience the Nile – from a unique adventure point.

  • 19km, 4-5 hours on the river.
  • Age: 14yrs and above.

Experience the Nile on a Grade 5 White Water Body Boarding

 The trip includes:

  • Delicious Big Breakfast (buffet)
  • Fresh pineapple and Biscuits on the river.
  • Drinking water on the river
  • They are the Friendliest and most experienced river crew.
  • Delicious BBQ + a meal (buffet) with a cold beer, sodas & water at the end of the day.
  • Kampala – Jinja Pick up and drop off.
  • 8 major rapids
  • All the latest equipment.
  • Tubing while River Boarding
  • Extensive safety briefing and practice drills.
  • Safety boat and Safety kayakers with every trip
  • Professional photographer and Professional videographer (Over 100 pictures).
  • One night of free camping accommodation plus bedding (before or after activities).
  • Tea & coffee in the evening.
  • Campfire
  • Wi-fi

Note: River Boarding price remains the same whether additional items (listed above) are needed or not.