1-Day Zip Lining Experience in Mabira Forest – $50 Per Person

Experience and explore the Mabira Forest canopy on the Day Zip Lining Tour that makes you behave like a monkey. The Mabira Forest zip-line system sends you soaring between the tallest trees in the rainforest. Located 44 km East of Kampala City, outside of Lugazi town at the griffin falls camp, the zip-lining makes for you a great day.

Depart Kampala or Jinja, with your pre-arranged transportation. On arrival at the Griffin Campsite. You are led to pass through ancient trees by experienced zip-lining guides across a network of 5 zip-lines that stretches 250 meters across River Musamya. High up in the canopy one is able to enjoy a view of the forest layers, mammals like grey-cheeked mangabeys and red-tailed monkeys, birds like palm nut vultures, African fish eagles, great blue turacos, and the roaring griffin falls, making your zip a memorable day.

Zip Lining Experience in Mabira Forest

Safari Package Includes

  • Forest Walk
  • Experienced tour guide
  • Epic Ziplining Adventure
  • All the latest equipment
  • Extensive safety briefing and practice drills.

Note: Zip Lining Safari price remains the same whether additional items (listed above) are needed or not.