Quad Biking in Jinja Uganda 1 Hour – $55 Per Person

Jinja is an excellent place to spend a couple of days after a safari in Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Water Rafting, or Bwindi national park in Uganda. Quad biking is one of the most exciting activities to engage in while touring Jinja town. The activity is organized in other parts of Uganda but is not as popular as it is in Jinja Quad biking in Jinja town. What makes Quad biking special in Jinja, is the opportunity to experience the African countryside and mingle with local people as they go about their daily activities.

Most African safaris occur in the African wilderness, inside a safari vehicle, and with limited opportunities to experience the African rural life. Quad biking in Jinja is done mainly in the villages, forests, tea/sugar plantations, and the banks of the Nile River. Not in the congested and noisy towns or trading centers by the main roads but in areas rarely visited by tourists.

Quad Bike 1 Hour - $55 Per Person

What is included?

  • Experienced Tour Guides
  • Driving and Village Briefing
  • Drinking water.