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Prossy de Willdt and Eric de Wildt

Prossy (Ugandan) and Eric (French / Dutch) is a married couple with 4 beautiful children that own and operate White Nile Rafting Company in Buwenda village, Jinja, Uganda

Prossy is the first ever Black/ Female Kayaker in Uganda and the entire world at large. She is the most decorated and first African female kayaker who stunned the kayaking world in 2004 with her outstanding paddling skills and astonishing energy that has won her local and international recognition. Throughout her kayaking career, Prossy has so far won 3 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 5 times freestyle female champion at the popular annual Nile Freestyle festival in Uganda.

She was first introduced to kayaking in 2004 by international kayakers from Ireland and USA. Back then, kayaking in Uganda was referred to as a men’s job due to the high demand of the crazy big Grade 5 rapids. However, Prossy with her positive attitude and fearlessness defied the odds and embarked on a journey that most girls in her village feared as “grave”.         

Prossy has garnered enormous experience of white water kayaking through travelling overseas to participate in Freestyle kayaking, canoe and slalom competitions such as; 2012  African slalom Olympic qualifier, Freestyle Kayaking world championship in Switzerland, world championships canoe slalom in England, world championships in Slovakia and Spain, World cup in France, African slalom Championships in Kenya and South Africa where she emerged victorious. She holds internationally accredited Swift Water Training and Rescue as well as Wilderness Trauma Response and First Aid certificates.

With a 12 years experience in kayaking and rafting under her belt, Prossy noticed that the fast growing rafting and kayaking industry in Uganda was predominately operated and owned by foreigners in Uganda, which inspired Prossy to create a rafting company that can empower the local communities to believe that they can operate such business, as well as employing foreign guides during busy periods to provide the much-needed addition of experience and up-to-date knowledge into the crew.

 After finally settling in Uganda in 2009, Prossy and her husband decided to open up White Nile Kayak School as a starter up with a dream target of later transforming the school into a well established rafting company and 3 years later, Prossy and Eric happily operate White Nile Rafting Company, employing about 30                                                                                                                            home grown professional staffs.

Prossy at the world Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia


Prossy can be found bouncing in and out of the office; she is in charge of operations like working with our top river crew or on the water herself, giving either kayak instructions or safety kayaking whilst Eric is indescribable, he is here, there and everywhere…. He helps with marketing and logistics skills. 

Eric is a professional engineer who has lived in Africa for over 10 years and works for a construction company.