This is our most popular way to learn how to kayak. As with all of our classes, all equipment is provided

On the first day of your class, you’ll learn all about the kayak, all necessary equipment, and the language of kayaking. Safety and good judgment are emphasized at all times.

Course Requirements: Good health and a positive attitude. This 1-day whitewater kayak instruction course is designed to introduce beginner paddlers to the sport of whitewater kayaking. Our goal is to provide novice kayakers with a solid foundation of basic kayaking skills necessary to kayak in Class 1 and 2 whitewater. It entails two-sessions, the morning and afternoon.

The morning is spent on the calm section of the river with our Top instructors as it provides the ideal setting for us to teach you the nuts and bolts of kayaking. After gaining comfort in the morning, you and the White Nile instructor will take a diminutive drive through some villages on the river banks and rejoin with the first free-flowing river and here you will taste your first rapid.

Trip Summary:

  • Outfitting a kayak
  • Wet exits
  • T-rescues, swimming and self-rescue
  • Body positioning
  • Eskimo rolling
  • Strokes, edging and bracing techniques
  • Eddy turns, peel-outs and ferrying across the current
  • Basic safety precautions
  • Paddling through class I-II whitewater