We take you back to School. This time round, no writing exams and the teachers are exceptional, friendly, passionate, motivated and Funny. Learn How To Kayak Today.

No matter how high you climb, You Never forget where it all started, on that note therefore, even with our fast progression into a well established rafting company on the longest river in the world, Kayaking Lessons will forever be part and parcel of White Nile Rafting Company.

We provide the essential kayak instructions needed to learn how to kayak and improve your existing whitewater kayaking skills. You don’t need any experience whatsoever, Beginner or pro, we cater for everyone

We have a galaxy of home grown instructors, with immense experience of the Nile River that will use a variety of different techniques to ensure the greatest prospect of your success because we believe that not all students learn the same way and at the same pace.

The goal for all of our kayak instruction is to teach paddlers to kayak safely with good judgment, while having a great time out on the river. During all courses, we focus on river comprehension, self-rescue, and safe paddling techniques.

We are available at anytime of the day to offer you the following packages: 

NOTE: All kayaking trips include.

  • Delicious BBQ + a meal (buffet) with a cold beers, water & sodas.
  • Free transport to the river
  • Top instructors
  • Up to date equipments
  • FREE Trip photos
  • Free Wi-Fi available at the offices